Vitis riparia (river-bank grape)

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Key Characteristics

  • Large, vigorous, high-climbing or trailing vine, attaching by tendrils, the stem up to 10 cm in diameter, rarely more.
  • Bark dark brown, shredding in strips.
  • Leaves alternate, simple, blades 6-15 cm long and equally wide; usually 3-lobed, lobes short-acuminate, sinuses acute; unequally, coarsely, sharply toothed, mucronate; glabrous, lustrous bright green above, more of less pubescent beneath; stipules 4-6 mm long, often persistent until fruit is formed; petioles more or less pubescent, 3-5 cm long.
  • Twigs slender to stout, green or dull red when young, becoming brownish, glabrous; nodal diaphrams very thin; tendrils long, intermittent on stem and usually lacking at each third node, not ending in flat discs.
  • Winter buds subglobose; bud scales 2; terminal bud lacking.


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Many come from Steve Baskauf at Vanderbilt University

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