Viburnum trilobum (highbush-cranberry)

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Key Characteristics

  • Tall, spreading shrub, to 4 m high; many arching stems form a dense, round-topped crown.
  • Leaves opposite, simple, blades 4-10cm long and equally wide; broadly ovate, strongly 3-lobed, lobes spreading, acuminate; coarsely dentate; glabrous, green, lustrous above, paler and pubescent on veins beneath or becoming glabrous; petioles 1-3 cm long, with stalked glands near blade base.
  • Twigs stout, glabrous, gray.
  • Winter buds plump, green, glabrous, lustrous; bud scales 2, closely valvate.

Sourced from "Michigan Shrubs"


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Many come from Steve Baskauf at Vanderbilt University

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