Toxicodendron vernix (poison sumac)

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Key Characteristics

  • Tall, upright shrub or small tree, to 7 m high and 6-8 cm in diameter; crown open, rounded or flat-topped with stout, spreading, sparsely-foliated branches.
  • Bark thin, smooth, dark gray.
  • Leaves alternate, pinnately compound, 15-35 cm long, rachis unwinged; leaflets 7-13, subsessile except for the stalked terminal; 5-10 cm long; elliptic to obovate, acuminate; entire; thick and firm; glabrous, lustrous, dark green with scarlet midribs above, slightly pubescent beneath, turning orange to scarlet in autumn; petioles stout, reddish.
  • Twigs stout, greenish to brownish yellow, glabrous, lenticels numerous; leaf scars broad, shield-shaped with many bundle scars in three groups.
  • Winter buds small, brown, hairy.

Sourced from "Michigan Shrubs"


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Many come from Steve Baskauf at Vanderbilt University
Also from Louis Landry

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