Welcome to Woody Plants at the University of Michigan

This site will serve as a repository for class notes and a study aid for those enrolled in NRE 436 (or EEB or ENVIRON if you prefer). Add pictures to the species pages from your field excursions or definitions. You can also find a list of the species we are to learn on the labs page.

To start things off you could visit the hierarchy which sorts the trees from class into an evolutionary scheme instead of listed in chronological order as we learn them in class.


I will try to post photos that I've taken or found for the species we're learning in class, but it would be nice to have help with this. If you want to post pictures just navigate to the page for the correct species. Click on "Files" near the bottom of the page, then click "Upload files from my computer". Once you select and upload your files, they are tied to that page and will automatically appear when you refresh.

Thanks for your help!


It is safe to assume that the majority of the information from this site comes directly from our class text
Michigan Trees by Burton V. Barnes and Warren H. Wagner, Jr. Also, note that this site was created to help students study trees using photos when they can't make it to the lab in DANA, not to allow you to get by without visiting the lab or purchasing the text.

Also note that this site is for educational purposes only!


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