Ribes americanum (wild black currant)

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Key Characteristics

  • Erect, unarmed shrub up to 1.5 meters high
  • Branches slender and spreading
  • Roots very shallow
  • Bark thin, smooth, dark brown
  • Leaves alternate, simple, borne several to a short shoot or separately on a long shoot, blades 3-8 cm long and equally as wide; palmately 3 lobed, sometimes 5 when the lower lobes are deeply cleft, dentate to doubly serrate, thin, glabrous, yellowish green above, pubescent beneath
  • Twigs slender, slightly pubescent, with large conspicuous resin glands, and broad leaf scars
  • Buds ovoid, bud scales with occasional hairs and conspicuous resin glands
  • Fruit a many seeded berry, black, smooth, globose, less than 1 cm across, palatable when cooked

Sourced from "Michigan Shrubs"


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From Louis Landry

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