Gymnocladus dioicus (Kentucky coffeetree)

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Key Characteristics

  • Leaves alternate, bipinnate, short stalked with no terminal leaflet, ovate, acute, enitre, paler beneath
  • Bark thick, dark gray, deeply fissured
  • Buds small, sunken into the twig and surrounded by a collar of wood
  • Flowers white, forming in June
  • Twig is stout, rigid, blunt, with dense reddish pubescence, large obvious leaf scars, and orange lenticels
  • Fruit is a legume with large hard shelled seeds embedded in a sticky sweet sap
  • Pollinated by insects, shade intolerant
  • Found on river floodplains and terraces
  • Sourced from "Michigan Trees"


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Many come from Steve Baskauf at Vanderbilt University

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