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Welcome to Woody Plants at the University of Michigan

This site will serve as a repository for class notes and a study aid for those enrolled in NRE 436 (or EEB or ENVIRON if you prefer). Add pictures to the species pages from your field excursions or definitions. You can also find a list of the species we are to learn on the labs page.

To start things off you could visit the hierarchy which sorts the trees from class into an evolutionary scheme instead of listed in chronological order as we learn them in class.


I will try to post photos that I've taken or found for the species we're learning in class, but it would be nice to have help with this. If you want to post pictures just navigate to the page for the correct species. Click on "Files" near the bottom of the page, then click "Upload files from my computer". Once you select and upload your files, they are tied to that page and will automatically appear when you refresh.

Thanks for your help!

10 Oct 2011

The Lawrence Woodlot species have been added, except the new Ribes because I don't have my book with me today to look it up. Also, the Study Guide reflects the species that were originally posted in the Lawrence file, not the updated list. I'll post a message when that is fixed. I also updated the Definitions page to reflect a lot more of the information we covered in lectures.

6 Oct 2011

The videos are coming back soon, there were some issues with the audio. I added a simple study guide that you can look through or download. It gives one line of text for each species and includes family, scientific and common names, and some of the more distinct characteristics.

I also added a way to add comments to each species, so you don't have to edit the code anymore, that should be a little more user friendly.

29 Sept 2011

The first video has been added (a big thank you to Peter from the Thursday afternoon section and Lilly), so take a look and happy studying! I've added a few more pictures to some of the pages. I'm still trying to find information about some of the hybrid species, lab today should help. Again, feel free to add your own notes or pictures by using the links at the bottoms of the pages.

23 Sept 2011

The Waterloo species have been added to the site, although I couldn't find reliable pictures for all of them. Soon I'll add photos from the study lab and after my field lab on Thursday, I'll add more. Since I was taking pictures last week I wasn't able to take any notes, so feel free to add yours. I added the families Vitaceae and Celastraceae to the hierarchy page, but I'm not entirely sure if they are in the right place.

22 Sept 2011

Everyone can add photos or notes to the species pages! (without even being a member, I think) If you have any questions about how that works, I can help, find me in class or email whenever. The species pages are updated through Lab 2 (Radrick Forest), although there is a lot of shrub information missing since they aren't covered in "Michigan Trees". That means we are missing the handy sketches too. I'm also not sure where to put Vitis riparia or Euonymus obovatus in the hierarchy page, but that's coming soon.

10 Sept 2011

Today I am adding illustrations from the book of key characteristics for all of the species from Lab 1 (Miller's Woods), although the book doesn't seem to have a species description for Lindera benzoin.

A Note About Sources

It is safe to assume that the majority of the information from this site comes directly from our class text
Michigan Trees by Burton V. Barnes and Warren H. Wagner, Jr. Also, note that this site was created to help students study trees using photos when they can't make it to the lab in DANA, not to allow you to get by without visiting the lab or purchasing the text. Any other sources will be noted where appropriate. Any questions, send me an email, my uniqname is galant.

Recently I've been pulling pictures (very good high resolution shots of twigs, buds, bark, etc) from http://www.cas.vanderbilt.edu/bioimages maintained by Dr. Steve Baskauf from Vanderbilt University.

Also note that this site is for educational purposes only!

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Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License